The Turks and Caicos Islands Community College Board of Governors. From L to R Mrs. Mary Harvey (Deputy Chairman) Mr. Irvin Coalbrooke (Member) Miss Mary Lightbourne (Secretary) Mr. Lee Ingham (Member) Mrs. Claudette Clare (Chairman) Mr. Devereaux Malcolm (Member) Mrs. Bridgette Newman (Member)






From L to R Mrs. Mary Harvey (Deputy Chairman) Mr. Irvin Coalbrooke (Member) Miss Mary Lightbourne  (Secretary) Mr. Lee Ingham (President\Ex-Officio Member) Mrs. Claudette Clare (Chairman) Mr. Devereaux Malcolm (Member) Mrs. Bridgette Newman (Member)

Message From The President

“To all our visitors, thank you so much for visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands Community College website.

In existence since 1994, this nescient institution of higher education came about as a result of legislation passed by the legislature of the TCI and has been instrumental in the higher education of its student’s clientele and of the country.
Many of its graduates have continued their educational pursuits, and distinguished themselves, the institution and the TCI, in Colleges and Universities in the USA, the UK, the UWI and Elsewhere.”  Read More

Message From The Dean



It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College (TCICC) website. I hope that you will peruse our website to learn more about our exciting educational programs. TCICC is the first tertiary institution in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), established in September 1994. We are an academically challenging college in the TCI with renowned departments that push the boundaries of fields across the full range of the liberal arts, hospitality, technology, natural and social sciences. We educate and inspire the next generation of economists, politicians, scientists, social innovators, educators and many more.


We offer Associate and Bachelor Degrees in many areas; I invite you to browse through our web site to get a taste of the excitement of discovery, innovation and collaborative community that we experience every day in TCICC. As you explore our website and read about our outstanding students, faculty, and academic programs, you will discover that TCIC faculty and students are diverse in their interests, their areas of study, and in their ethnicity and nationality.


Our faculty are well-known for their contributions in creative activity, and are distinguished for their teaching. Our students develop the skills of communication, reasoning, and analysis necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing technological and global environment. At TCICC, we work hard to support our student’s classroom experience. We focus on our students and their success. We have a faculty–students’ ratio of about 1:10, allowing for more individual attention being given to our students. Our goal is to promote our student’s individual growth, facilitate constructive engagement in our community, and encourage the development of life skills that will help them be successful well beyond their time on campus. We are committed to making a difference in our classrooms and laboratories, through the partnerships we have forged in the TCI, with the TCIG, and indeed with institutions and entities around the region.


Our outstanding faculty and staff provide support for student success beginning when they make decisions about what career to pursue and what program to enter, and continuing through their courses and internships, their explorations of where and how to apply for a job, and their efforts to advance professionally. The College has a strong international, national, and local reputation for the quality of our programs, faculty, and graduates.


As dean, working with faculty, staff and students across the college, I am dedicated and committed to providing our learners with high quality programs, excellent service and supplemental resources that support the educational community at TCICC.


Join us at the TCICC and become a part of our outstanding academic community. If you have questions about the College programs, please feel free to contact the Dean’s Office.


Thank you for visiting the website of the TCICC.


Dr. John Mubenwafor

(Dean of Academic and Student Affairs)